Sea-Tac sitting and waiting

We just made it through check-in and security at Sea-Tac and are just waiting at our gate to fly to Dallas then on to San Jose, Costa Rica. It's a really rainy morning in the Puget Sound but it only hampered our drive up here (a la Sherry) a few minutes. Although the stupid American Airlines self check-in wouldn't let us use it for an international connecting flight we had no trouble getting to our gate in good time. Sarah's off getting some breakfast and I'm just waiting for our Central American adventure/honeymoon to begin. Sarah was slightly tense while in line for our tickets but I put things in perspective by comparing this minor stress to the major stress of re-scheduling a wedding then driving into an ice and snow afflicted Columbia River gorge. She agreed that this is nothing.

posted Jan 17, 2005 under american airlines, lay over, sea-tac airport  

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