Seahawks fevah in Tacoma

Lately folks 'round these parts have been pretty excited. I'll admit that the excitement caught me a bit last weekend as I watched most of the Seahawks vs. Panthers game. I know! I watched a football game. It's nothing really that will become any sort of habit but I'm happy for them reaching the Super Bowl mostly because it gets folks excited to be from this area -- which doesn't outwardly happen that often. In that same spirit, I've been doing a bit of documentation of the Seahawks fever that's shown up down her in Tacoma. Here's my list from small to large.

First we have a really minor but meaningful example of a blue sign stuck to a fence. Advertising such team pride on a busy street or intersection makes sense from a marketing perspective (thanks a lot, Sarah!) since you often have a captive audience driving by or waiting for a traffic light. In this case, unfortunately, the spirit isn't quite there as the sign points in a direction where fewer cars pass, it's on a freeway ramp that's not nearly as popular as some, and the sign's pretty darn small. Nevertheless, whether thought through or not, I'm sure they're heart was there!

The Tacoma Link light rail runs free around downtown Tacoma. Today and most evenings this week it's reader board read "GO SEAHAWKS" rather than the normal information about its next stop. The capitol letters make it pretty easily readable and it was a pretty surprising place (in my mind) to see such a message displayed. Hope there aren't any out-of-towners that actually need to know what the next stop is 'cause all they're going to get is "GO SEAHAWKS".

Bigger still is the hype over the local fans and how, as the 12th man/woman, they've rocketed the Seahawks into the stratosphere when it comes to viability as an NFL team. While this is true, if they truly believed the fans helped them out, why aren't we seeing a cut of their salaries? Anyway, big flags have shown up saluting the 12th man and one crept its way up the flag pole at the Tacoma Dome. Since, as a fair weather fan, I didn't get into things until late, I saw the flag bit at first had no idea what it meant. At all. I think there was some speculation around the office but we didn't come to a conclusion it was Seahawks related right away. It's a pretty cool display of appreciation from the team nonetheless and I'm glad the Seahawks marketing folks thought of us.

The last and most grand example of Seahawks spirit has to go to the folks that have lit up the new Tacoma Narrows bridge at night for the work crews. This week they replaced one span of those bulbs with green and blue for the Seahawks. Since the normally dark Narrows have been lit up many around the area believe it could make for a great permanent decoration. I'm pretty sure the company that provided the lights also had no qualms urging that idea forward by showing how festive the lights can be. So, the award for most grand display of Seahawks pride goes to the Tacoma Narrows bridge.

Oh yeah, and GO SEAHAWKS!

Seahawks fevah in Tacoma - a small sign near a freeway entrance

Seahawks fevah in Tacoma - the Tacoma Link light rail shows its spirit

Seahawks fevah in Tacoma - a 12th man flag atop the Tacoma Dome saluting the fans

Seahawks fevah in Tacoma - the Tacoma Narrows bridge at night lit up with Seahawks blue and green

Seahawks fevah in Tacoma - on the front door to the Harmon Brewery

Seahawks fevah in Tacoma - some impressive Seahawks logos on the front windows of the Harmon Brewery

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