Shopping for light

We had a big day of fun up in Tukwila (aka Mallland) to hit a few places for some home improvement items. We started at Ikea. Our trip here was bound to be a fruitful one since we found such a cherry parking spot on the side of the newly painted solid blue and yellow building. We grabbed a cart and took a few in-store shortcuts to the lighting section wherein we chose three fixtures for our long, galley kitchen and another for the downstairs hallway. Well ahead on our budget we decided also to spring for a simple yet elegant display case and a living room coffee table. That and a bag full of bulbs then we were out of there for some kid-tastic lunch at a nearby Round Table pizza. I say it was kid-tastic because every soccer team in the Kent valley was there celebrating what-the-heck-ever during our lunch. It really wasn't that bad and we certainly enjoyed the rest after a pretty capitol(ist) experience. But wait, there's more!

Just after lunch we drove across the valley to Re-PC to do away with a old, 19" CRT friend of mine from college. I have since been in love with a slimmer, trimmer, sleeker LCD screen that just can't be topped especially when I need to lug a display around to various bachelor network parties. I gladly paid the $10 recycling fee to be assured its various carcinigenic parts wouldn't end up in our local landfills. Sarah and I also had fun browsing through the isles of mostly junk PC parts but found a couple gems that we couldn't resist: I a wireless router not unlike one I already have (to complete our superior domestic network topology) and she a cradle for her handheld computer (by which hitherto for thus to sync with).

OK, so with our nerdiness aside we headed to Lamps Plus for more lighting and walked away with an item for the bathroom and two others on order for the bedroom and closet.

Once home tonight Sarah couldn't wait to have me install some lighting so I set aside some eventual frustrations and completed my first install of some dangling pretties above our kitchen table. And WOW, what a difference they made for the mood of that portion of the room! The lights are warm and provide an almost art gallery feel. I can't wait (don't tell Sarah) to install the rest -- aside from that whole manual labor work thing.

I believe this one spent some time on the cover of a Mexican tabloid posing as a UFO

And this was the mother ship

This was a frickin' laser both ships shot out

Not the pinnacle of class but, hey, we just moved in -- get off our backs, OK?!!

Ye olde monitor stickered with stickers from many a PLU commons banana

HORN(y) -- hehe

I bet this sign at Ikea would be a lot more interesting in Swedish

My monitor belly-up as it awaits its recycled doom - I believe it will be reincarnated as a pack of altoids

Note to self from Tom: to hide pr0n, flip switch to Amber when "You Know Who" walks in

Kitchen table area before...

...and after

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