Photos & Video ~ Amazing day snowboarding

Truly, it was amazing. Steve and I went up to Crystal today and had our best day yet up there. We got a great parking spot, got a lift on the shuttle from there to the resort, there was about 6" of fresh powder all over, very few people, no lines, calm winds, some morning sunshine, and we both were riding really well. The slightly wet powder slowed things down just enough that we were both more comfortable pointing our boards straight down more than usual. Combined with how few people were up there it made for an awesome day. I got 8 runs in and felt great by the end of the day.

Here's a video Steve shot of me. Probably not my best run of the day but you get the idea compared to how I looked when I started.

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posted Jan 10, 2008 under crystal mountain, powder, snowboarding  

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