'Boarding the powder at Crystal

I only wish I was cool enough to actually think I could speak snowboard. Lo, today I kept the training wheels on but had a great time in the fresh powder (with great company) doing so. It was time again to re-visit Crystal Mountain for our second snowboard trip of the season. Sarah, Steve, Angela and I woke up early today and darted out of town to take advantage of some late-season snow that piled on nearly two extra feet over the already generous base. The drive up was smooth and even before reaching the slopes we could see signs of the freshly fallen powder on the trees and hillsides approaching the mountain. Steve snagged a good parking spot, Angela staked out a good spot in the lodge and we bought our tickets for the days activities. Once Sarah, Steve and I geared up we slid over to begin our day on the Discovery run. We decided early to brush up on what we learned last time, take a break for water, then crank the challenge up a notch. We tackled one of the resorts generous green runs.

The lift for this run was far more sophisticated with its wide chair and deceleration upon picking us up and dropping us off. The view was beautiful as we quietly glided over areas of virgin snow on our way to the top. Once off we checked out a run map and began to slowly make our way down the hill. Steve and I took our sweet time since, although green, it was pretty steep in places and we weren't comfortable laying it all on the line just yet. After four years away from skiing, Sarah did a fine job gingerly shooshing back and forth down the run. Steve did have a burst of youthful invincibility toward to end of the run as he pointed his board straight down and shot past Sarah and to a controlled stop. He had a much better time out there today as was evident by his fist-pumping excitement at not killing himself after breaking through the sound barrier. Once to the bottom we decided it was time for lunch and headed inside to relax a bit and join up with Angela. After I stuffed myself with a hot dog, fries, a drink and a 2-pack of Twix we were again out the door.

The weather today was absolutely stunning. A light snow fell and the wind barely blew. It was easy to stay warm and comfortable no matter how long I sat on the slopes to rest my muscles. Conditions stayed great after lunch as we again headed up to try our hand at that green run. Steve and I were still a bit timid going down and were growing a bit tired from all the careful control we were exercising. We decided to close our still successful day with a few more runs down the Discovery slope to practice technique a bit more before our next visit. We ended on a couple solid runs without an injury among us. Heck, Sarah didn't fall one time the entire day -- even when Steve and I clung to her getting of the chair nearly every time.

After we got home Sarah and I wound down with a snacky dinner and rental of War of the Worlds. The movie, unlike our day, was utter crap. The plot was disjointed, the acting was one-dimensional, and the ending seemed more tacked on than the tail so oft pinned on the donkey. Somewhat suiting, I suppose, since my rating for this film would be "ass". Some of the special effects and cinematography was interesting but nothing could save this movie from itself. Had I not been out doing something with my life today other than watching WotW I would've felt like the day was wasted. Thanks alot, Mr. Spielburgh and Mr. Cruise. You're only lucky my butt wasn't sore from falling a bunch today 'cause I sure would've noticed after sitting through your crapper of a movie.

More snowboarding to come when we play hookie in about a week-and-a-half.

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