Photos ~ Snowy Outing on the Solstice in Tacoma

I took about 5 hours today to head out into the elements and see as much of Tacoma as I felt safe driving in. Beautiful but a bit treacherous out there. I wound from my place near the Stevens gulch over to Ruston, made my way down Ferdinand past the "road closed" signs to the Ruson tunnel, down the waterfront, along Dock Street, near the Dome, up to the MLK neighborhood, over to the Murray Morgan bridge, and all the way out 6th Ave. to Titlow beach and back home again. Thanks to Linda who came along for part of my journey! I don't even think my snow driving freaked her out (too much). I swear I didn't see that one curb there! ;)

The city is in fine form covered in white but please, do be careful if you have to go out because the road conditions change from street to street with little warning.

At any rate, here are my photos. Enjoy and happy Winter Solstice! The days only get brighter from here...

Bamboo heavy with snow and ice

My cutie house in the snow

The view from Steves gulch

City of Ruston

Ruston tunnel

"Ice Fang" (title courtesy Scout)

Ruston Way waterfront

Thea's Park

Museum of Glass

Tacoma Dome

Old Town

Schuster Parkway

Frost Park

Pacific Ave. in downtown Tacoma

Murray Morgan Bridge

Wright Park

Jazzbones on Sixth Ave

Drive down to Titlow Beach

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Still plenty of snow on the ground but it's deflating/melting fast with this solid rain falling. #snOMGbgone #Tacoma

Jan. 12, 2011


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