Sounder to Lakewood route open house

Stopped by Freighthouse Square yesterday to an open house put on my SoundTransit for folks to see the current ideas about how to get the Sounder from Tacoma to Lakewood. Here's a few points I gathered from the handouts, renderings, and staff on-hand.

My thoughts are pretty positive on this but I'll share with you my conclusions from what I learned above and the workshopped notes hanging on the walls from local business owners and stakeholders.

For some renderings of what things might look like as well as all the notes posted from that workshop have a look below.

The top purple loop line is the proposed loop (Hood Street Loop or HSL in the workshop notes) for getting traffic to business cut off by the track (light blue line), and the lower purple line is S. Tacoma Way re-routed to emerge on Pacific at 27th

Group 1 notes

Group 2 notes

Group 3 notes

Comparison photo of heavy freight running right through the heart of Reno, NV (taken 4/2002)

Track running through downtown Reno, NV (taken 4/2002)

"The Trench" now being used for train traffic through Reno, NV (via Flicker, taken 8/2005) -- this is what I don't want and why an overpass doesn't look so bad to me anymore

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