"Stay Dumb" Tacoma

When I saw the writing on the so-called wall a week or two ago I didn't think much of it. The graffiti, however, was boldy impressive in size and color but oddly clear in its script. Most graffiti eludes me but for its sometimes artisic qualities. The script its written in is pretty hacked up english letterz that I'd probably only learn if I downloaded a similar font to my computer. The "Stay Dumb" message, however, is completely clear. I'm not sure where the message comes from but I first saw it on a new retaining wall put in place just below downtown Tacoma near a field of train tracks along the waterfront. The letters of the tagged message are probably 20' high and in bright, neon colors. Since the wall was put in place to shore up the hillside above, this is the only graffiti that's hit it. Althought impressive in boldness and scale, I didn't think much of it outside of driving past it until tonight when Sarah and I saw another occurance. We left the Tacoma Costco and headed east on 38th Street and, while sitting at a light just before crossing I-5 I saw the "Stay Dum" graffiti sprayed in simple, black paint on a nearby light switching box just to the side of the intersection. This display is really basic and shows no artistic quality whatsoever and is, in fact, dummer because this time "dumb" was spelled without the "b". Nevertheless, I'm curious. Is this really a gang or group of kids causing trouble? What about some kind of underground art/socio-political art project? My vote goes to some cave-dwelling nerds finally striking back at the everyday, common dummard with messages mocking the masses. If anyone has any info, feel free to comment here. If you know who did it, I'd love to do an anonymous interview to get to the purpose behind their message. Stay tuned...

Update - It's just a nickname (2005-05-24)
I found a comment on a blog by a parent of a former student of the local Stadium High School. According to her, Stadium isn't "that great of a school--all the kids called it Stay Dumb and High." So, it appears since I first saw the graffiti on May 6 it was probably just some seniors making their mark before graduation.

Stay Dumb graffiti - I know it's in B&W but I was driving at the time

Stadium High School in Tacoma (taken 2002-12-22)

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