When summer smacks you in the face

I stepped outside for a break this afternoon and suddenly I was transported to another planet where the sun is warm on my skin and every plant and flower is in full bloom around me. Oh wait, I'm in the Northwest. Since the storms of the last weeks it never seemed like summer would find its way to our area. Just this last weekend it was cold enough in the morning that I noticed a T-shirt just wasn't going to cut it. But today was spectacular. Not a cloud in the sky, temperature somewhere in the sixties, and every single beautiful leaf and bloom virtually sang at the sight of blue skies. I actually love when the weather decides to serve up something different nearly every year. Although I'm sure not to remember exactly what previous year's weather patterns were I know that the thunder and lightning we recently received is abnormal. When I was a kid I paid enough attention to such storms that I know when they pass by. I often have to restrain myself from rekindling my love for finding shelter during a thunderbumper and counter the claps and flashes of thunder and lightning. Nevertheless, this year we've had some snow, some dry weather, now some storms, and now some stunning clear weather. I happily snapped away some photos during my walk and will likely do so in the days and weeks ahead. Enjoy!

PLU campus - baby pink helicopters

PLU campus - Eastvold

PLU campus - Ramstad Hall

PLU campus - Red Square and Xavier Hall

PLU campus - Xavier Hall

PLU campus - Harstad Hall

PLU campus - daisies

PLU campus - crazy looking flower (the columbine)...

...that looks like this from behind

PLU campus flowers

PLU campus clock near the intersection of Park Ave. and Garfield St.

PLU campus - Xavier Hall

PLU campus - drops on some freshly watered prickly little plant

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