Sunny day, trenching, and sunset in Tokeland

I took the day off today to head coast-ward and I couldn't have picked a better day. Slight breeze, some puffy clouds in the sky, and temperatures hovering in the mid-60s. It was low tide when arrived and, knowing this, brought my skimboard and a pair of shorts that, wait, oh crap! I forgot my shorts. Rewind just a bit and instead of taking the regular Montesano turn off south I headed into Aberdeen to find shorts. Fortunately the Ross sat right off the highway and was open so shorts I did indeed get. Now fast forward back to me putting those shorts on at the cabin in Tokeland and, as luck would have it, the zipper broke! I was able to fix it then enjoy myself out on the tideflats barefoot in shorts and a t-shirt while others were decked in hip waders clamming nearby. They must've thought I was crazy.

From there I did a bunch of gardening and did some trenching after a visit by Ken and a couple local guys who know a thing or two about wells and water lines in the area. I fried up a couple Nelson Crab crab cakes for dinner and wound down inside since I have power and light to replace some light switches and light bulbs. I then spent my first night ever in my new coast cabin and slept like a baby. That was a good day.

Compare to Apr. 9, 2011 and Jan. 2011

Skimboarding heaven

First ever dinner cooked in my cabin. Crab cakes that fell apart into more of a crab cake salad :)

Settling in for the night. Way too cozy!

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