A little dizzy from the Sushi Revolution

I met up with a few folks from the office for lunch on my day off at the new Sushi Revolution [ map ] restaurant over by the Tacoma Mall. They boast the longest sushi conveyor belt in the Northwest -- and I believe it! I was cheerily greeted right when I walked in and found my cohorts lined up in a row facing the moving sushi line. I sat down and started to browse... A handy cheat sheet helped me figure out what was what and, likewise, some color-coded plates on the wall translated those colors into dollar amounts. The spicy tuna rolls I ate were great as were the gyoza, the miso soup, the seared eel, and the battered octopus. Yea, all around tasty. Since there are really just seats facing the conveyor it's not a good place for large group interactive meals. But for a few people it's easy to get comfortable and watch as all sorts of good food comes and goes -- and comes again.

Also over at In-Tacoma

posted Oct 26, 2007 under restaurant, review, sushi revolution, tacoma, video  

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