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Libby and I peeled ourselves out of bed early this Saturday morning because, excitement of excitements, it was time to walk to Proctor for breakfast. Cupcake style! We popped into Sweet Things Cupcakes and Couture for their grand opening and got in line with all the other eager early goers who wanted to taste their treats. They did a great job turning the house between 25th and 26th and Proctor [ map ] into a welcoming shop and cupcake factory. There are a few tables and chairs available on the surrounding deck but no real room inside for the eating but instead mostly room for the ordering of coffee and cupcakes and the shopping.

Anyway, get to the goods! We snagged a 4-box of raspberry vanilla, chocolate mint, chocolate chocolate, and red velvet. The raspberry vanilla frosting was excellent, the chocolate cake with mint frosting balanced well and didn't overwhelm one way or the other, the chocolate chocolate was dark and smooth, and the red velvet was tasty but forgettable. We spied their carrot cake and hopefully there will be more interesting flavors to come like lavender, sweet potato, and mocha cherry mentioned over at the TNT Diner back in May.

If I'm comparing to the always tasty hello, cupcake downtown I have to say Sweet Things' chocolate chocolate wins and, given the choice, I'd combine the frosting on the red velvet from Sweet Things with the cake of hello.

Much luck and success and a hearty welcome to the new business! Thanks for the morning pick-me-up. ;) Here's Libby's take on our outing to Sweet Things as well.

4/29 - Cupcakes Coming to Proctor, KFnet in T-Town
hello, cupcake post number one, two, and three

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