SWOJO and a new BBQ place at Freighthouse

I swung by (get it?) to check out SWOJO over at Freighthouse on Saturday. I stuck around for their first set and enjoyed their sound. The selection of charts plus the band's energy will urge me to check them out anytime they're in town. A bonus of my visit was seeing some friendly faces. A friend from college sat in on trombone in the band, her husband was in the audience, I saw local Streetcar advocate Morgan (though he may not have seen me), and I chatted a bit with my buddy Gavin's in-laws. It was great to get out a bit after a frustrating, albeit self-imposed, day of programming. I can't wait 'til next weekend when my cousin's coming down from Canada and we'll peruse the FeedTacoma calendar to find some fun stuff to take him to do!

From there I took a few minutes to wander the hall to the east of the food court (my usual boundary when visiting during the work week) and spied the oft-talked about Lego place and a sign for a new BBQ place coming soon. Loudons BBQ will sit where the former Thai place was east of the food court. From their posted flier:

Loudons is derived from the depths of the south. Check Louis' Davis has been in the Seattle area for quite some time but well traveled in the arena of cooking many different types of cuisine. The "Memphis style" dry rub process is revered throughout the south and culminates in Memphis at the world's largest barbecue contest. Dry rubbed, then smoked and grilled at the same time is a definitive process that is the superstar of Loudons...

Mmm... BBQ. Here's to hoping it's a tasty place that will only help further bring life to Freighthouse. Oh, and don't forget St. Patrick's over at Freighthouse, too, next Saturday that includes a chili cook-off and beer garden.

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