Tacoma Photo Gang - Chamber's Creek

The busy holiday weekend only yielded six participants for today's Tacoma Photo Gang outing but we had a great time. We started at the top of the new Soundview Trail. From there we took in the sights and decided it would make a for a some great dusk and sunset shots. Otherwise, however, we were on the lookout for more scenic and lush environs to opted out of hiking the trail and instead drove down the hill to the nearby Chamber's Creek park and fish ladder.

We were greeted with lush green hillsides, rushing water, flocks of herons, a dive-bombing bald eagle, and little fish just leaping from the water. We spent most of our time wandering near Chamber's Creek and really enjoyed the setting.

Before finishing for the day Jeff guided us to the little known Koayashi Preserve. Just upstream from Chamber's Creek park this tranquil spot offered up some great shots down Leach and nearby Chamber's creeks as well as some lovely bamboo, other flora, and a few tiny streams channeled into some lovely water features. There are also trails following the water into the woods we didn't even have time to explore. I recommend checking this spot out for a nice quiet woodland stroll. It's just off 67th and Bridgeport. Take a left onto Chambers Creek Road then look for the Kobayashi Preserve sign.

Update - "TFG" on flickr

As always, you can view the latest Tacoma Photo Gang shots over on flickr

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