Tacoma Photo Gang - Warehouse District One Year Later

One year later to the day and the Tacoma Photo Gang is still going strong. About 15 of us got together today and re-wandered the warehouse/brewery district south of the UWT campus. We were treated to clearing (though still chilly) weather, a peek at a small wall of historic items from the current City of Tacoma streets maintenance building, and some glass blowing over at M-Space. I'm glad Sarah got to join in and get some shots today as well.

Cheers to everyone in the gang! It's been fun braving foul weather, bad taste, graffiti'd rubble, fog, arsenic, spiders, and the stupid Annie-induced fear of drawn bridges. Can't wait to see what we shoot next!

Previously on KFnet
More from this outing and others over at Flickr

posted Jan 20, 2008 under anniversary, brewery, tacoma photo gang, warehouse  

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