Tacoma Photo Gang - Ruston, Never Never Land, & Camp 6

The Tacoma Photo Gang got together yesterday for a cloudy Father's Day afternoon outing. We met up on the corner of 51st and Pearl and headed out from there. First we wanted a few blocks of Ruston. It's a cute town but there are quite a few buildings right there on 51st that are in need of some serious TLC. A few facades are painted bright colors surely to help cover up some of the aged innards. It's not without its charm but could certainly use some real life. We even strolled onto the newer Winnifred Bridge and watched the Amtrak Cascades cruise underneath into the Point Defiance tunnel.

Next we hopped into a couple cars and entered Point Defiance Park. We first stopped off at the kids play area Never Never Land. Despite the poison dirt warning upon entering, portions of the spot can easily be considered fanciful. The large stacks of colorful books that frame the entrance are fun as is the big shoe the famed old lady lives in. From there, things get kinda' sad and downright creepy. The Hickory Dickory Dock clock is pretty moss and graffiti covered though the "4:20" version is kind of amusing in a creative stoner sort of way. There's also a long and windy trail that almost seems a maze until you come upon a Hansel and Grettle house. This spot is still open to visitors most of which have covered the place inside and out in graffiti, most of which I wouldn't want any children I know to read. And once we made it out of the woods alive we snapped a group photo with a little creative editing courtesy Brooks.

Our last stop is the last stop in this area for logging and related rail equipment nostalgia at Camp 6. We didn't pay to ride the neat old steam train but did gander at all the amazing equipment and even dwellings used during the height of logging days around these parts. I'll definitely go back to view the Joel-recommended part of the little museum that houses lots of vintage photos.

Hopefully that vision of a future Point Defiance will help breathe some much needed life into all the spots we visited today. The real splendor, however, is in Point Defiance's natural forest and shoreline beauty and it's world-class zoo. These other tidbits certainly could add to that given some serious TLC.

More Photo Gang shots over at Flickr

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