Tacoma Photo Gang - Stormed on in Steilacoom (update 3)

Despite what you might consider a sure weather bet in July, the Tacoma Photo Gang got a bit wet yesterday. We met up in downtown Steilacoom where were started our outing. We took in soggy views of a hearty wedding party, a great old train station, the ferries, a couple passing trains, and a couple buildings in downtown itself. Doug and Patrick headed out while the rest drove up the hill to Fort Steilacoom Park.

We wandered through the old farm buildings and silos boarded up there and met up with a Rachel who made the drive down from Lynnwood. I wish we had a prize or something to give her for coming all that way for such crappy weather. No matter because the excursion into the ruins of the old Western State hospital were well worth it. Despite the fencing and razor wire, ample graffiti and massive gaps in the surrounding boundary welcomed visitors. The colors and nature of parts of the remaining building itself remind me of ruins of old cathedrals and towns I've seen in Scotland. It's amazing stuff and, done in a group, one doesn't get too worried by the drunken folks that may wander through.

Update (2007-07-24 6:18am)
More over at Flickr: Tuldas | trumpetlamp | Doug Klippert | Rachel-B | sparkrobot | gomer73 | Everyone's Shots

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