Tacoma public spaces workshop

I joined in on a public spaces workshop today sponsored by local businesses and the city. The goal was to figure out how to best utilize the spaces and events that make our city come alive. It was a really energizing morning with volumes of fantastic ideas, most of which are completely doable without major funds or re-renovation. We broke off into groups that were each assigned an area in or around Pacific Plaza and shared our thoughts with everyone in the end. I also, for your listening and civic participation pleasure, recorded the groups reporting their impressions of the spaces they visited. We were divided up according to ten areas in and around Pacific Plaza (see map below) and the following audio clips correspond to each of those groups.

Group 1 (MP3, 10:59, 5.0MB)
Group 2 (MP3, 6:09, 2.8MB)
Group 3 (MP3, 3:53, 1.8MB)
Group 4 (MP3, 6:45, 3.1MB)
Group 5 (MP3, 8:07, 3.7MB)
Group 6 (MP3, 7:53, 3.6MB)
Group 7 (MP3, 2:10, 1.0MB)
Group 8 (MP3, 6:18, 2.9MB)
Group 9 (MP3, 5:38, 2.6MB)
Group 10 (MP3, 4:42, 2.2MB)

Pacific Plaza plan

Thanks to Project for Public Spaces for managing the event. I look forward to their report and hope the energy we all experience today can contribute to making some of these ideas a reality.

What are your thoughts for improving the usability of the area in and around Pacific Plaza? Calming traffic? More greenery? Skate park? Street vendors/musicians?

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