Tacoma's Beautiful Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium

After a relaxing breakfast with Michaela at The Spar in Old Town Tacoma we headed up the hill to the zoo. Her membership got us in on this soggy, Northwest day and for a time we nearly had the park to ourselves. Most of the outdoor critters were huddled up where they could out of the rain but we still enjoyed much of what Point Defiance had to offer. I was a huge fan of their lynx Yukon who was out on a leash calmly taunting the clouded leopards. I also loved the tiny armadillo brought out in a different area and skittered around a kiddie pool.

It may be a relatively small zoo but Point Defiance has some fantastic animals, knowledgeable staff and volunteers, and makes a great day outside. Even if it is a bit soggy.

Link to PDZA.org

posted Jan 29, 2011 under animals, aquarium, park, point defiance zoo, tacoma  

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