Take 2

Just another day in the life of a computer geek. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, last night my computer had a little tissy and decided not to restart when it had been improperly shut down. Normally this would be a big deal because I had to reformat and install everything again. But, the trend over this last week has been such that I'm getting this down to a science. I also had a crash a week ago that rendered my computer useless. Luckily for me, I'm pretty darn good at backing stuff up so both incidents haven't really troubled me much. I was, however, angry last night when it happened because I was in the middle of a couple great conversations on ICQ. Guess I know how to make an exit!

The only other [geek] task I took to today was attempting to set up a mutt computer to be a server for websites this summer. I'm using old parts that have been strung between my dorm room and my brothers house to make a box that will act as a server for my friends' and my websites. My drive to do this comes from a need to put more on the web than I can now. To truly make available what I think tells my story the best, I need more than 10 megabytes in which to do it. So, if we set up our own server with our own hard drive, I'll expand the storage for my site! Now that I sounds like some evil villain attempting to take over the online world, I'll add that this space will be shared with Sarah, Gavin, and Kristin so that they too can expand their online presence.

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