Re-surfacing a tattered dominion

The kitty perch has left the building. At least it did yesterday. But it's back today with a brand new look. As a part of our weekend chores Sarah and I decided it was time to cart the shredded and well-loved kitty perch we hand-made over two years ago back into the basement for some much needed T.L.C.

This morning we hit the Home Depot and decided on buying a speckled dark grey carpet to replace the current light blue. Although color is nice we wanted to move forward with a more modern, sleek look. That and we though since we have a grey and a black cat, it wouldn't look so soiled with their fur after a couple months. We tore the old carpet and staples off yesterday and took a couple hours this afternoon cutting and re-surfacing the kitty's window-front fortress. Emerging again from the depths we returned it to it's prized spot in front of one of our living room windows and both Colby and Lulu were taking it for a test drive with some curious sniffs, stretches, and scratches. It came just in time, I might add, since the substitute perch that used to be the only one we had was proving frustrating to Colby since his girth easily takes up its entire top floor (with some slumping over).

Oh, the things we do for our beloved furry friends.

posted Sep 26, 2004 under cat tree perch, makeover, re-upholster  

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