Out at The Spar (on a Sunday, nevertheless)

Our pal Mandy is in town for the day so we showed her a good time 'round here. We had a late lunch enjoying the watery views at Anthony's and rounded off a solid day down at The Spar. With the smoking ban firmly in effect we were happy to spend most of our night there without worrying how many years of our live would be shaved off. Sunday nights are for the blues at The Spar and tonight had Becki Sue & Her Big Rockin' Daddies on the docket. At first we grabbed a table in the back room where the band was but opted for a more comfortable, likely not as loud table in the bars main area. We could still hear the band wail away (rather well, I might add) while not having to yell too loudly to carry on a conversation. The wait staff were really attentive but stopped short of being annoying or pressuring. We sat around chatting while we enjoyed a couple beers. Once our late lunch had finally subsided we ordered some grub. I had a tasty BLT with bacon that met my crunchy standard pretty well. Everyone seemed to be having a great time and the clientèle were more local residents than desperate bar flies. The best part about the hole evening was the price. The girls each had a couple beers, I had one, then we all had something to eat and it came in under $40 before tip. Considering that plus the good, not-too-dark and friendly environment couple with no-cover music, it was a great place to wind down the weekend.

Cheers to The Spar for making this very non-bar kind of guy happily enjoy a night out in Tacoma. My rating on this one would have to be "a couple times a month and definitely when people visit."

posted Mar 26, 2006 under old town tacoma, saloon, the spar  

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