My Third Thursday plans

It's amazing but any a group or business planning events around Tacoma now has to be resigned to the fact that there will almost always be something else going on. It now just becomes a matter of choice for those that enjoy our local events. Tonight's Third Thursday Artwalk is no different for me as I feel like that kid on the Mac 'n Cheese commercial who plans to have the orange-ish pasta at different friends' houses at different times. My route will look something like the following...

First I'll park my car either along 25th or at the Dome parking garage. The Link will be my transport to the end of the line at 9th in the Theater District. Around 7pm I'll see how Derek's City Council candidate forum looks. Though I'm sure the conversation will be informative (I wish it were too early to think about elections) there's too much other good stuff going on to stick in one place. From there I'll saunter down Broadway to Club SOTA to witness my first but their forth Dorkbot. The gathering of artist/engineer/geek types promises some fun with talks by a guy who founded a "weird science salon" and Mr. Sun himself Solar Richard.

After, at most, an hour at each of those spots I'll Link it back over to 25th and over to Gallery Madera where I just can't resist the pull of a fire dancing troupe that will be performing there at 9:15pm.

Crap, wait, I need to eat at some point too and I wanted to stop by to get a good, non-drive-by look at the new mural down at the Balfour Docks. Guess I'll have to work those in there somewhere. See what I mean? Tons to do on any given day or night. Check the Feed for more. Enjoy!

P.S. - Anyone liking the sound of my route is welcome to join me. The wife's ditched me for a holiday in Victoria with her mom (hope you're having fun, sweetie, MWAH!) so I'll otherwise be wandering for one tonight.

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