Tokeland Grass Killing: Day 1

It has begun. The arrival of a huge pile of communal wood chips has ushered in a common tune I often sing: down with grass! Since the wood chips are free from a local utility's trimming of trees around power lines I feel obliged to liberally use them to rid my Tokeland house lot of as much grass as possible.

We made a run into town today for some misc things we needed but also raided every shop from Grayland to here of their spare cardboard. This afternoon we made good use of it by cleaning up the area around some plants in my front yard and just along the front of the house. From there, and after a greasy bar food dinner at The Local, we hit the motherload of cardboard at the bustling fireworks stands on the nearby Shoalwater tribal land so we're prepped and ready for more grass destruction tomorrow.

posted Jul 2, 2012 under garden, grass, landscaping, tokeland  

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