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Tokeland Sabbatical: Day 3 -

Tokeland Sabbatical: Day 3

Today was a warm, muggy day which made me think I totally want a storm/screen door on the front of this place to get a better cross breeze. Aside from that I got some good stuff done implementing FeedTacoma's new design and got what I needed from the Grayland hardware store to lengthen the webcam power chord. Tonight my connection was even good enough I could join my buddies Matt, Gavin and Stowe for our usual Wednesday night game night.

The very tip of the Long Beach peninsula

The break waters just a little ways out

Kinda' a sea grass rainbow (from the right: green, light green, light brown, dark brown)

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posted Aug 24, 2011 under beach, coast, house, sabbatical, tokeland  

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