In Tokeland with family, Tom the cat, running water in cabin

Walking to the nearby sea wall

Smiley Finn and chip

Joseph BBQ'ing up some hot dogs

Our indoor family picnic

Finn the fruit fan

My mom's Enzo's fruit supplier

Trouble/Enzo stomping my way

Uncle Kevin taught him to do that

Uncle Kevin made bowls cool

Teaching Finn what good beer is early but osmosis

I wore that hat when I was a kid...

Bundling up for a breezy walk to the beach

...and that hat too

Walking toward the beach down Kindred Ave. in Tokeland

My dad, Joseph, and Enzo

And they're off!

I seem to have a blink monkey on my shoulders

Enzo escaped...

...and got a bit of a talking to from dad

Finn and Sonya

Enzo did not want to walk back to the cabin

Dad popping the cork on champagn they brought to toast my new beach house

Mom and Sonya enjoying the sun

The fam in my back yard

Running down hills is fun

Superman has a cape, my superdad has cover-all's

Me trying to get a look under that nut for a gasket

Dug things up again to replace a valve I'd put in last time


After the replacing that valve, running water!

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