Transit of Venus

The greenhouse heated planetary neighbor of ours, Venus, slid between us and our shared sun today for the last time until the year 2117 -- and I wasn't expecting to take part. Why? Our morning weather was less than clear. It was cloudy. And rainy. But as the afternoon approached the winds shifted and the rain shadow of the Olympic Mountains helped clear us out. The transit of Venus was on!

I quickly mobilized what I could to try and get shots. I scrambled around the office and managed to find a couple un-labelled CDs to use as crude filters. My first few shots were heavily distorted but I could clearly see the disk of Venus in front of the Sun.

On my way home, however, I noticed something, well, amazing! I planned to snap another shot of the event as I waited for the light rail to come pick me up. I readied my compact disks and noticed, just above, the cover over the stop normally meant to keep out the rain was also translucent. The frost glass made a perfect filter of the Sun! It let me clamp my camera down enough to clearly make it out and get the last two shots in the series below!

Just goes to show that sometimes, if you look up, you'll be surprised at what you might see.

posted Jun 5, 2012 under astronomy, astrophotography, sun, tacoma, venus  

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