The fate of Italian food in Old Town

Speaking of Italian (see yesterday's Joeseppi's write-up) I now know the fate of that old town eatery Trattoria Grazie that closed up last February. It's now law offices. Everyday to and from work I watched as the formerly green building with its red awnings got a makeover. It's not news that the Trattoria is no more. I held out hope that some great new restaurant would bring me into the heart of Old Town. As work progressed the building got a clean new coat of gray-blue paint and signs of life appeared in the form of a standing sign just inside the front door. The other day I finally caught a glimpse of what it read and all I needed to process was "The Law Offices of..." and I knew.

It's sad that such a lovely spot was probably driven away by higher and higher property tax values that come with having a view and having so many other law offices get bought and paid for in the area. I guess now to experience the former Trattoria Grazie you'll need to be either "in trouble with the" or "seeking council about the" law that those lawologist types know so well.

Look at the bright side: now no one will get confused if you make a lunch date for that Grazie/Grassi's place.

Here are a few photos snagged from the old Trattoria Grazie website before it too fades into history.

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