Valentine's rock and flu

There's nothing like waking up any day with a raging cough a fever. It really stinks when it happens on Valentine's Day. We don't normally plan much for V-day nor did we today but Sarah caught one of the bugs going around and it pretty much laid her flat today. I stuck around for half the morning to keep an eye on her. In a drowsy state she directed me to a little white box she'd been hiding in a bathroom cabinet. I opened it and saw this:

You rock craft

They cheesy and geologically minded nature of it made me grin from ear to ear. She's my special girl and if anything, she rocks. Nevertheless, my gift to her is [hopefully] being a loving husband who takes care of her the best way he knows how so she gets better fast. I can't stand to see my girl sick. No matter what day it is.

posted Feb 14, 2007 under flu, gift, valentine's day, you rock  

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