Saturday in the 'Couve With Family, Friends, and Beer

I got a slow-ish start this morning to head down town Vancouver but was happy I took the time to rain-x my windshield. I don't mind the rain at all but it can certainly make a couple hour drive more stressful when you can't see two cars ahead of you. I got down there just fine and stopped by my parents' place before heading downtown. After hugs and hi's I hooked up my Wii for them to play while I was off at lunch. I met my friend from high school and college Britta down at McMenamin's on the Columbia River waterfront after a brief walk to see the sights a bit. We caught up over a tasty lunch and beer. There was plenty of good high school related gossip to be had along with filling in gaps that we missed in each others lives. On the way to meet my family after that I even got to stop by to see Britta and her husband Brandon's great house. Thanks for the tour guys!

My mom and dad met me over at the assisted care facility my grandma of 91(!!!) lives at next. We got to roll her around a bit and found a nice quiet place to sit and talk to her a bit. She can't wrap her lips around her words anymore but she looks really good and lit up while we were there. Though she's changed a lot in the last couple years it's always great visit her and know how amazing the care is that she gets there and from my parents even more frequent visits.

We then headed over to my brother Joseph and Sonya's place and they gave me a tour of their remodel. They did an amazing job of laying everything out and the style added lots of color, ideas, and modern warmth that I'm sure they'll enjoy for a long time. We headed across the river for dinner and was thwarted at our first choice by a bustling football viewing crowd so opted for the ever tasty nearby Red Robin instead. Since I had a burger and beer at lunch I opted for a salad and some of their garlic steak fries instead. Let me just say, those fries were amazing and we all had a great time eating and chatting.

After a brief stop at the monstrous Portland Ikea we hung out at Joseph and Sonya's a bit more to look at some photos from a work trip he too to China. I then drove through Vancouver via good ol' Andreson and back up to my parents where we played some more Wii before heading for bed. Turns out when I left them earlier they kept playing and darn near made themselves sore from all that bowling. Hopefully they won't sue Nintendo or anything. ;)

Mom and dad playing with his phone

Me and grandma

Mom and grandma

Some beautiful blooms at Joseph and Sonya's

A massive ceiling fan at the Portland Ikea

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