Matt's animated accomplishments

The main reason for being in Vancouver, BC this weekend is Matt. Today he celebrates his year of accomplishments studying art, film and animation at VFS. After dropping him off last year he began an intense year of back-to-back classes that had him sketching, writing, acting, photographing, and animating until he couldn't see straight. Today, along with friends and family, we all got to see some samples of his work on a wall and moving on a big screen. The guy has serious talent and is in a great place to concentrate and release his skills in all the media required.

After a walk along the waterfront we joined everyone in the make shift gallery/classroom at VFS and enjoyed looking at examples of all the students' work. We also got to head to a nearby movie house to watch student animation and film projects. Although a good deal shorter, the animation projects were all really impressive. Matt's showed his ambition and eye for a challenge by taking on a project that spanned the film, 2D, and 3D animation media. His film, Turnabout, was great. It was a quality Matt Turner that will mark a great start to what could be a creative and worth watching career. Great job this year, buddy, and keep up the fine work. I'm really glad you took this time in your life to find you way with something you really love. I know the challenges of managing cranky servers are worthy ones but they certainly don't use that side of your brain that was screaming to be used. Have a great year in 3D and keep us all posted. Your fans have an apetite that we will want filled more now than ever.

We went back to our hotel with Bobby and hung around until hitting a local greek food place for dinner. After dinner everyone raided Matt's work and took home samples from the pen and tablet of the man himself. Congrats to all the FD12 students and thanks for letting us enjoy your work.

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