Made it across the border

Ah, Canada. Good thing they know what wifi is. Sarah and I just arrived at our hotel here in Vancouver. Even the strange, narrow laned roads couldn't keep us from our goal. Now she's sipping some coffee and I'm writing this entry. Hopefully we'll hook with Matt and company to figure out the rest of our nigt and tomorrow. The drive up here was realy smooth with only to-be-expected backups through Seattle. We actually encountered a dusty snow shower in hills just north of Bellingham. Took a quick stop for some teriyaki lunch then cruised through the Canadian border. It's a bit nippy up here but sunny. Our room is comfy and not super steril. It's a bit old with some defects but will do well especially since our focus will be on other things this weekend.

Anyway, I'll be sure to snap some photos for all to see. Enjoy your weekend!

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