What's growing in your garden?

Blueberry in cereal

I wanted to share a warm, summer morning scene with you this Monday. No, it's not a sunny sunrise but a small slice of the bounty that is our local berry crop. By "bounty" in our garden I mean about 20 blueberries but that's better than last years eight.

Despite living on a small urban lot we've endeavored to rid ourselves of useless grass and instead grow plants that provide for local wildlife a little and us as well. Sarah could probably list everything but I'm love all the lavender she brought back a couple summers ago from Sequim. The bumblebees are all over the stuff from dawn 'til dusk which just makes me happy. The new little garden we just put in has a raised bed where we planted four different tomato plants. One roma plant in particular has too many little baby green tomatoes to count!

So what's growing in your garden this season?

posted Jul 30, 2007 under blueberry, garden, growing, tacoma  

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