Old Wonderbread/Hostess building up for grabs

Old Wonderbread/Hostess thrift storeThat lovely old brick building at S. 7th and Sprague that used to house a Wonderbread/Hostess thrift shop is going up for bid. The 35,000+ square foot building is up for bidders and may go to auction. The space is certainly in a great spot and the brick facade is rare in this area of urban mixed-use. Zoned as a "multiple-family dwelling district" the county has the building's taxable value at near $1 million. I'm sure the structure will need lots of work but here's to hoping it's allowed to stand if it's in decent enough condition. It would sure be something to see all those boarded up windows shine again and would certainly help sustain some of the charm of this area. Maybe some nice offices, retail, or restaurant rather than the condo conversion standby so popular these days.

Link to Rainier Commercial listing (thanks Claudia!)

I haven't lived here long enough to know the place when it was open but, having had one near a house I lived in as a kid, those thrift stores were a great source of cheap fruit pies. Any other historical or personal tidbits to note? What would you like to see happen with that space? Feel free to share in the comments below.

posted Aug 17, 2007 under auction, hostess building, sixth ave, sprague, tacoma, wonderbread building  

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