August 20, 2016

Happy fun morning family time! #conradical

The Colby memorial dahlias our neighbors Sara & @KristoferKunkel gave us are blooming! Thx & still miss you, buddy 😪

Ceiling art seen while hanging out on the floor with you-know-who.

I'm sorry to wherever is on fire but I'm happy it's robbing us of some solar energy on a forecast hot day.

Holy two front teeth, #Conradical!

Make it so!

Time for @thaiuup takeout for a dinner picnic at the beach with family!

Beautiful, fire-tinted evening at Lincoln Park.

Pale of Olympic forest fire smoke as seen from Lincoln Park. #wawx #komoloz

"Never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line!" Great spot for outdoor movies!

Time lapse showing morning and evening smoke billowing over #Seattle from the Olympic Mtn. wildfires. #wawx #komoloz

posted Aug 20, 2016  

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