Back from BC

After a great weekend Sarah and I slept in a bit this morning and hit Starbucks for some breakfast. We tried to hook up with my cousin for some brunch but seemed to have some technical difficulties. My cellphone didn't seem to be relaying calls since he tried to call twice and I didn't get a ring either time. The same happened the night we arrived when Matt tried to give a call that I had no idea about. Anyway, we took a short drive around Stanley Park to take in a couple of the highlights. There were some great views and a really generous lady from Florida that gave us her parking pass brightened the gray skies over our head today.

We drove on the strange path down estate-lined streets out of town toward the border where a cutie of a custom's agent let us through with no fuss. The drive was smooth and our kitties were absolutely happy to see us when we arrived home. We had a great weekend but the thing I'll miss most of Vancouver, BC is the statically charged sheets in our hotel room. One of the nights before going to sleep I peeled back one of the sheets and heard some crackling and even saw some faint blue sparking. Sarah and I were giddy like kids and shuffled around the sheets and played with the static like those cool plasma balls you find at Spencer's Gifts. Yeah, it was some geeky fun under the sheets. Tell your friends. No I didn't get any pictures. I don't take the camera to bed -- sorry to disappoint.

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