Cleaning at the Tokeland House

My Tokeland house. After a couple months getting everything organized I signed all the paperwork to make this little house out in Tokeland mine. That being said, I couldn't wait to get out there to start cleaning up! I spent my day cleaning up the yard a bit, giving the kitchen a good once over, and cleaning out the bedrooms and main room as well.

To help things go smoothly I divided up what's there into various bags: keep, trash, recycle, and give away. There's plenty left to do but I made good progress for just a long day out there. Once all the power and water is situated I'll have longer weekends to get more done. There's still some cleaning left to do then it'll be on to larger home improvement projects.

1/30/2011 - Inside 3004 Kindred

Tom, the neighbor cat, stopped by for a visit

The setting of my beach house

Always have to stop by Nelson Crab for some chowder

The main room (now sans carpet), compare to Jan. 2011

First bedroom, compare to Jan. 2011

Panorama of the main room

Dishes, pots, and pans I have yet to clean and organize

I did clean the heck out of the kitchen sink!

And weeded this pot

And cleaned up this planting bed a bit

Brought the whale carving home to restore as well

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