Photos ~ Summer, But a Wee Bit Early

Considering it was snowing in town only a week and a half ago this is pretty impressive stuff. Today the temp reached into the upper 70s which made for great reasons to get outside. I started off by heading down to the Daffodil Parade in the morning. Early in the afternoon the lawn beckoned so I got out the ol' push reel and clipped the front and back yards as well as some other miscellaneous weeding. We then decided to join up with ensie and Frinklin for dinner in Proctor. Sarah and I walked there from our house and, along the way, saw some beautiful trees in bloom. Dinner at La Fondita was great, as usual, then we headed back to our place where we setup the portable fire pit to melt marshmellows for smores, enjoy some conversation, and stay warm as the day cooled into a breezy night.

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posted Apr 12, 2008 under northwest, proctor, smores, spring  

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