Repairing a rose bush on Easter

After a productive day yesterday Sarah and I slept in and stayed home this Easter. We aimed to do little more than some laundry and much relaxing today. We succeeded pretty well on all counts. Sarah caught up on her Wall Street journal while I dinked around with various personal web projects on my computer. I had a great phone call with my parents and had fun talking Lost with my dad. Now that he's retired there's plenty of time for him to stay up past his former bed time now that he doesn't have to prep for work at three-something in the morning. We also saw the light of day briefly to go outside to monitor our garden's flowers, herbs, and other plants. I snapped a bunch of photos and performed a bit of surgery on one of our rose bushes. Sarah spotted a broken limb on one that was growing particularly well. It must've been thrown about by the winds that whipped through yesterday and early today and snapped it nearly off.

With Sarah's somewhat less-than-optimistic help I quickly MacGuyver'd together a twin wrap to hold the limb where it broke and put up a stake to tie up the limb so it wouldn't move around too much in the wind. I'm pretty new to all things green thumb but figure that, like other plant grafts, this stuff ain't precision work and that if nutrients can get to the limb past the break without any disease setting in the bush should be in good shape. If it doesn't look promising in a week or so we'll hack it off, seal it up and move on with our lives. This is just my stab at finding out just how well my intuition in these situations will come through. Here's to hoping!

We rounded the day off with a BLT dinner and pretending we're old people by watching 60 Minutes. Someday when the stork brings us a bundle or two of joy we'll play Easter up for the springtime fertility fest it is by making them hunt for colored eggs filled with treats but, for now, the downtime is rather welcome -- especially seeing the crowds of parents with kids doing their egg hunts under umbrellas yesterday. Wet, soggy, and sugar-high kids -- no thanks for now!

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posted Apr 16, 2006 under broken limb, plant splint, rose bush  

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