February 14, 2019

Impressive line of lenticular-ish clouds over the Cascades this AM.

Delridge trail garbage. Andover bike lane bad as well.


Same around the corner.

Panorama! Just off Spokane St bridge.

At @PortofSeattle cross. Help me @dongho_chang you’re our only hope!

Harbor Island bridge is mostly black ice/slush. No sudden movements!

Narrow tracks then nothing heading towards E. Marginal. Looking good @Lisa_Herbold! #visionzero

Totally fine where snow didn’t fall. ;)

Tweeted too soon. Time to play Frogger 🐸 with @PortofSeattle trucks!

Dramatic pause, amiright? Waterfront and Western into downtown (shown here) just fine if “just fine” includes @Uber and @lyft drivers who block bike lane to pickup passenger even if there’s parking/shoulder room available. I knew you were hoping for

SLU bike lane on 9th near Denny Park is garbage.

Parked! Rest of SLU was fine.

posted Feb 14, 2019  

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