A Good Day's Wander

I started wrote this post at my favorite time of day: 2:53 which just so happens to coincide with the area code in which I live. Every day reminds me why I'm grateful to live in such an amazing place (or, as I like to hash on Twitter, #pnwftw) and today was no exception.

I started off walking up the hill through our beautiful Wright Park to donated blood at CRBS. From there I walked down to the beautiful new location of Corina Bakery to food up post blood letting on my favorite meal from there of a sausage quiche and banana pudding. I saw note from another local online that his wife's new shop, The Modern Cottage Co, opened up so took a stroll there and may have found a good apartment kitchen table option.

My wanderings took me down Broadway into the also new spot of Millesime Designs then on to the South Sound Sustainability Fair where I learned I may just be able to actually start solaring up my houses and am seriously excited about it!

Along the way I saw tons of people I knew and enjoyed every minute of it. Tacoma's a great place.

Giving blood

The new Corina Bakery

The peak of a triangle block

Stepping into The Modern Cottage company

The Modern Cottage Company

Map and book flowers at The Modern Cottage Company

Some really well done and restored pieces in here

Millesime Designs

The crowd at this year's South Sound Sustainability Expo

Where you'd go if you took a wrong turn on your way to the Sustainability Expo

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