Growing Up Portland

Kiddo. Youth. Adult. Professional. I grew up on the Washington side of the Columbia River from Portland so had a flirtatious relationship with the Rose City. Vancouver was a great place for families but heading south on I-5 on the weekends yielded the adolescent goods when I was little and still today as an supposed grown-up and professional. With each stage of my life (thus far) I've connected to this town in different ways. Here's how each resonated with me:


  • Walking geology tour of Portland buildings that looked at where the various bricks and stones that built some of her most beautiful buildings came from.
  • Rose Festival (again) parades our band marched in on the streets and across the bridges of Portland.
  • Senior prom dinner with my group of best friends at a small, fun spot away from schoolmates who took the evening far too seriously.
  • Food and beer exploration of every neighborhood we possibly can with recommendations of friends and the Internet.
  • Catching up with friends who have started families and settled down in amazing, urban, walkable neighborhoods.
  • Watching and laughing at the image of Portland as hilariously interpreted on TV. <cough>Portlandia</cough>


Each facet of my local life has clearly lead and influenced the next. I'm fortunate and thankful for that and excited for what will come next.

Me (at left) with my best high school friends in our band marching uniforms.

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