Halloween Eve Birthday

I only stretched the truth when I talked with Matt on the phone today and wished him a happy birthday. He told me the details of his costume for a party he was attending tonight and I led him to believe Sarah and I were busy doing various odds and ends today. We really scrambled to put together our costumes for that same party that was actually a surprise for Mr. Turner. Kelly arranged the event and everyone showed up with a costume to some degree or another. Although the theme swirled around '80s TV stars only a couple of us actually reflected that era. Matt and Kelly were aging Thundercats characters. Although Matt's attire for the outfit was only slightly revealing the wig most certainly made it all work. Sarah and I were all too strapped for time this week and opted for a relatively simple idea of being 1980s video games. We were both Atari 2600 games; I Pitfall and she the classic Combat. We printed out and made iron on shirts with screens from the games and dangled old controllers from our person. We could only muster up one Atari controller so I had to opt for a sweet Nintendo Advanced cheater controller.

Among the group of friends were a doctor and her victim, Indiana Jones and a hula woman, an electron cloud head guy and Mardis Gras girl, then Frankenstein and wife. We started the evening with pumpkin carving designs of which generally matched our costume ideas. After the muck was scooped and carvings carved batches of seeds went in the oven and Kelly prepared a hearty dinner for us all to enjoy. From there a faint-hearted game of catch the apple dangling on a string wherein Matt entertained us all by attempting the normally two-player game by himself. Dessert of apple crisp (with ginger!) and a viewing of Nightmare Before Christmas wound a wonderful evening of celebration on two fronts down. Thanks for the good times all and a ghoulish Happy Birthday to Matt!

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posted Oct 30, 2004 under atari games, birthday, costume party, matt turner  

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