First taste at hello, cupcake (update 2)

And I say "first" because it won't be my last. Wow. The wait was totally worth it. Downtown's newest delight hello, cupcake is doing a soft, work-out-the-bugs opening today followed by a grand opening celebration Friday and Saturday. Let me just say, there's no work necessary. That place is wonderful. From the minute we walked in the experience was there. The colors, artwork, branding, and smell invite you in and will keep me coming back for more. With a view straight out of the arch at Union Station and all the quality touches inside (benches, tables, chairs, paint, frosted glass door, etc) I hope Reina, her mom Tina and their whole family are proud of what they've done because it's really unique and deserves to be seen.

Oh yea, the cupcakes! Well, they rock. Baked to perfection with a slightly harder top and pillow like stem then topped with frosting that's not too heavy nor sweet these treats will be hard for anyone to pass up. $2 for one and $22 for a dozen is nothing considering the artistry that goes into baking and decoration these confections. They also have milk, coffee and other drinks to help cleanse your palette between cupcakes and aren't taking advantage of a captive audience with coffee and milk for a buck. I personally tried out an orange cupcake and a chocolate frosting, vanilla cake. The orange was kissed with flavor throughout and wasn't at all overwhelming nor sweet which allowed the wonderful cake flavor to also shine through. The vanilla cake is great on its own and the chocolate frosting on top of it was rich and delicious. I know Sarah, Angela and Steve (and others after another visit before they close tonight) will have their opinions but, I have a sneaky feeling judging by the looks on their faces this morning, they'll be positive ones.

Their hours are currently 10am-6pm but that may change as they gauge interest and plan to be open later on Third Thursday and for other events they plan to host. Stop by and let everyone know what you think here or over at the FeedTacoma forums. I think I may petition Mayor Baarsma and the City Council to hereby declare August 30th Tacoma Eat a Cupcake and Smile Day!

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Update 1 (2007-08-31 @ 6:33am)
We stopped by again on our way home from work to meet a couple friends who had and hadn't already tried the place out. I sampled a carrot cake cupcake and it's already my favorite of the others I've tried above. All the way 'til closing time there were still people wandering by gazing through the windows. And, though they didn't want it taking up any of the view through their front windows, the vent out the front is brilliant because all the smells from the kitchen waft directly out onto the sidewalk and will surely help clinch any cupcake-related decisions.

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Nearly sold out after only their first day!

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