Planting some pretties

Sarah and I ventured over to Tacoma Boy's today for some produce and picked up the fixins' for a colorful salad to be served in dirt outside. In our garden. We bought some flowers and a couple herbs to begin garnishing our outdoor space with life and colors. I don't remember what we bought off the top of my head but I know we invested in some cat nip and four different types of flowers. We also found a deal on soil and set ourselves loose on a small ribbon of land between our porch and yard and planted away. We may have been a bit stingy with spacing things out but we'll learn best by just trying things out. We also assembled a preliminary list of projects to do around, inside and out of the house and will refine and prioritize it soon. We have some sizable goals on there but are pretty certain we'll be able to tackle them over the next year.

We haven't forgot about having a house warming star party and will hopefully be able to schedule something for late this summer. How's August sound? I'll find something fancy in the sky and we'll BBQ up some viddles and have ourselves a great time.

A moment of feline harmony between Lulu (left) and Colby...

...looks like the universe has achieved balance as Colby relaxes a bit...

...yes, yes, they're both comfortable!

Oh, shoot, Colby's getting down...

...with just a little prompting from Lulu. Sigh, it was too good to be true.

A spider chilling on our garage wall

The spot of today's flower planting

A beautiful variety of flower we didn't buy

Sarah hard at work clearing the planting area of rocks and other junk

Placement of the plants just before making things final

After the work is done

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