Kua Beach, Petroglyphs, Sunset from Spencer Beach

Today we slowed things down a bit with less driving. Connie and I started out at Kua Bay beach park for some sun and relaxation. The beautiful beach was pretty busy but there was room for more people no problem. We had a good frolic in the surf and some time under the sun before hunger/thirst took us to our next spot at the Fairmont Orchid. Once we figured out how to park we found the outdoor bar and enjoyed a [rather expensive and not all that impressive] bite and drink. The experience is certainly worth something but, for my money, I'll take a picnic bench and one of Connie's cocktails at any of the beach parks we've stayed at over a resort bar anytime!

Nearby we braved the ferrel cat-infested and a couple pot-smoking, loud stereo locals to pay a visit to some history. The Puako petroglyph trail is a great, easy walk through a time when lava was the canvas for ancient Hawaiian's inscriptions. The lava and dirt terrain is really hot in the afternoon sun so we drank up all our water before heading back to camp. That night at Spencer Beach we enjoyed a drink and a colorful sun versus clouds hide-n-seek sunset.

From clouds over Mauna Loa to sunshine over the beach

The sun casts a brilliant light on the distant Mauna Loa volcano (left)

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