Matt's bachelor network party

After a great Brian Regan stand-up routine last night Gavin, Matt and I played games. Lots of games. We were up last night until somewhere after 2:30am then got right up again this morning to continue the fun. We mostly played DoD but mixed it up a bit with some old skool System Shock 2 co-op and the ever fun classic UT2004. Though all of us are pretty rusty we were able to pull out some pretty good runs especially when playing DoD online. Our metric was our kill to death ratio -- I know, but if we were anywhere near 1:1 we were stoked.

Lunch was at Tatanka where the guys both got huge buffalo burritos while I tried out the buffalo sausage on a stick and a bowl of chili. Tasty treats all around. The afternoon was also full of gameage but the guys had to go home at some point. We had a great time in keeping with the tradition of our bachelor/network parties. Heaven forbid once we start having babies we'll have to have baby shower network parties. Sorry Aaron -- guess we're a little late for you. Maybe we'll have a baby's first tooth network party. ;)

Honey, I told you not to take photos of me from this angle (shhh... it makes me look bald) ;)

Lu keeping watch over the action

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