My First River Float

Connie's a pro at this and so invited me and a group of friends to float the Snoqualmie River on the first truly hot day of summer here in the Pacific Northwest. Once we assembled our gear and people up in Fall City we found the set-in area, pumped up the rafts, enjoyed a cocktail, then headed out. The minute my raft hit the cool water what air was inside quickly contracted requiring a quick top-off before we were on our way (and may have involved taking on a little water and getting my camera pretty soggy so I'm thankful I can share any of the following photos with you!). We cruised the day away with only a stop in the middle for lunch and a some air for our trusty boats.

The only near downer of the day came near the end of the run just off shore from a nearby campground. There, a boy started crying for help. A couple other rafters nearby took notice but our group was closest and, with another yelp for help, we quickly paddled his way. Just as we reached the boy Anna lept from her raft to help him and get a life vest around him we handed to her. I helped get us the rest of the way to shore while others helped calm the boy down. No parents in sight, his friends/relatives came to get the stunned kid with barely a thanks for our potentially life saving actions. A couple of the ladies in our group were in tears but, without further excitement, we finished up an overall fantastic day out on the river that I hope to repeat again (minus the boy-thing) sometime soon!

Some guy who bumped into us

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