Old White Bird Highway, Fossil Hunting, and Bar Time

Today we set out north from White Bird up the old, windy highway to the top of the pass to head into Grangeville for breakfast with Connie's uncles. We had a great time talking with them over a fantastic breakfast at Hilltop there. From there we met up with some of Connie's high school friends and headed out to chill for a bit on the south fork of the Clearwater River. The landscape in this area differs from White Bird in that it's more wooded but cooler. Unfortunately, the beach was covered with yellowjackets who didn't really bother us (save for a sting on one of the kids there) but were certainly a bit unsettling. Instead of staying late into the afternoon we drove back over to White Bird where we ate a snacky lunch by the Salmon River then headed back up through town on the old highway to a stop at a rock outcrop where we marveled at some incredible fossil leaves and twig samples.

As a storm rumbled through over head we went back into town to meet up with Aaron. We had an incredible smoked prime rib for dinner that night in White Bird at Mac's Bar then played pool and had drinks for the rest of the night at the Silver Dollar.

Downtown Grangeville

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