Photo Stroll Through Curran Apple Orchard Park

University Place, WA (just to the west of Tacoma) has a few hidden gems, most of them parks. The Curran apple orchards are among those gems. The rows of aged trees sit in the middle of otherwise expensive neighborhoods as an oasis to the areas more wooded past. I took a detour at the behest of a photo friend of mine Kristina on my way to grocery shopping (to Trader Joe's -- usually the only reason I head to UP) and had a blast snapping pics with her on a lovely evening. Though TJ's had closed by the time I got there my usual loop of shopping included the 24 hour Tacoma Boy's so, don't worry, all is still well in Kevin's fridge and pantry. ;)

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posted May 24, 2012 under apple orchard, park, university place  

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